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You should ensure that you are adequately covered by insurance for loss, theft or damage of personal belongings, passport, tickets, travel documents, personal liability and any medical costs that may also include the cost of your return to your home country in case of illness or accident.

Staying in touch with home.

By telephone:

  • Calling Hungary from abroad: 00-36 (country code) and then code of Somogy County 82 and then the rest of the numbers.
  • If you would like to buy a Hungarian PIN card for your mobile phone, you can choose from 3 companies.(Vodafone, Pannon, T-mobil). Please contact your service provider in your home country to find out what you have to do to use them and what the charges will be.
  • Calling abroad from Hungary you will need to dial 00 and then the relevant code for your country and then required number.
  • Few public telephones are available in Kaposvár. Instructions on how to make a phone call are printed inside the phone boxes.

By post:

  • You can buy stationery, envelopes and stamps from any post office (posta), or in some newsagent's. Main Post Office: 15. Bajcsy Zs. Street, Kaposvár. Postal charges depend on the size and weight of the item you want to send, the country you are sending it to and the service you require-which determines the speed of the delivery and the safety involved.
  • When you send items anywhere, make sure that you write the address where your items is going to clearly on the front of the envelope.
  • Your address at the student hostel will be: Kaposvári Egyetem Új Kollégiuma, Guba S. u. 40. 7400

By email: You can use your laptop, or the computers in the computer room to keep in touch with home.


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