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How much will it cost me to study?

Your course is free of charge. You only have to pay for accomodation, food and things you personally need. You have to pay for your student card (~3€).

Accomodation: Price: about 3000HUF/night~10 €

Living costs in Kaposvár:

  • 1 EUR=300-350 HUF
  • Local transport/month 1500-2000 HUF
  • bus ticket: 300 HUF, bus pass: 1850 HUF/month. (For more details see below)
  • 1 loaf of bread: 350 HUF
  • 1 bottle of beer 300-400 HUF
  • 1 litre of milk: 200 HUF
  • health insurance/month: 5.000-10.000HUF
  • eating out: 2.000-5.000 HUF/person
  • cinema ticket: 1.000 HUF

Shopping: stores are generally open from 09.00 to 18.00, malls are open from 6 or 7am until 8 or 9pm. If you have plenty of time to spend shopping for meat, vegetables and fruits, the best place to do it is at the local market. Goods are still cheaper and better at the markets, although supermarkets have a wider variety.

Money: The official currency is the Forint (HUF). Most places accept all major credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa). Generally you should ask the vendor or look  for the symbols on the shop window. For more details please visit:

Banknotes and coins

Exchange rates

Sending money to Hungary

Before you arrive you should have checked with your own government to see if there is a restriction on the amount of money that you can possess when leaving your country.
Make sure that you have several ways of obtaining money in your first few weeks here. We advise you to bring a variety of means of money-perhaps some cash, a credit card that you are able to use in Hungary.
You are advised not to carry large amounts of cash wih you and for security purposes do not leave it in your accomodation.


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