Arriving in Kaposvár

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How to get to Kaposvár from Budapest Ferihegy Airport?

By coach

The name of the Hungarian coach company is VOLÁN. There are some coaches coming from Budapest to Kaposvár directly.

  • Departure from: Budapest, Népliget 6.40; 15.15; 16.30;
  • Arrive to: Kaposvár Bus Station 10.55; 19.25; 19.30
  • Please, see details:

The prices are about 3.000 Ft (one way). You do not have to buy the ticket before you leave, you can buy it on the bus.

By train

The name of the Hungarian train company is MÁV.

  • Departure from Budapest South Railway Station (Déli Pályaudvar) at: 06.55; 07.30; 12.45; 13.20; 15.30;
  • Arrive to: Kaposvár Railway Station: 11.20; 11.24; 16.24; 18.11; 19.20.
  • Departure from Budapest Eastern Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) 06.30; 09.30; 12.30; 14.30; 19.30;
  • Arrive to Kaposvár Railway Station 09.34; 12.51; 15.32; 17.36; 22.43.

The prices are around 3.000 HUF, You can not buy tickets on the train, you have to obtain them at the ticket office. Please listen carefully, because sometimes you have to change trains.
For further information, please visit to:

How can I get to the coach or train station from Ferihegy Airport?

by local transport (BKV Zrt).

  • From Ferihegy Airport you can get to Budapest quite easily by bus number 100, 200. They depart from Ferihegy Airport 1, and 2 in every 30 min, for Kőbánya-Kispest.
  • There is a metro line, and from there you can go everywhere in the city.
  • For further details please visit:
  • There is a shuttle service, the so called Airport minibus:, malev minibus: +36 1-296-8555,
  • For more information about Budapest please visit: (for maps, etc...)

How to get to Kaposvár from Sármellék Airport?

The easiest way is to visit and book a taxi to Keszthely, and from there you can come by coach:

  • Departure from Keszthely Coach Station at: 6.00, 7.19, 8.45, 8.55, 12.20, 13.30, 15.51.
  • Arrive to Kaposvár Coach station at: 8.00, 8.12, 10.30, 11.00, 15.00, 15.20, 18.00

Arrival in Kaposvár

If you are travelling to Kaposvár by train or coach you will arrive at the centre of the town. Taxis and local buses are available for you to take when you arrive here.
When you first arrive here alone, we recommend that you take a taxi from Kaposvár to Kaposvár University. This will make it easier for you as you will be carrying your entire luggage. The cost varies on the traffic and the taxi company, but would normally be around 1000-2000Ft.
If you would like to come by local bus, you can find the local bus station next to the Railway station, or opposite the Coach Station.
Make sure to buy a ticket on the bus, in the ticket office or at a newsagent's.

Local Buses


  • Bus tickets: you can buy a ticket for the local bus in some shops, or on the bus. Cheaper if you buy it at a newsagent' s for 185 Ft, on the bus it is about 300 Ft.
  • Bus pass: The best if you buy it, after you have obtained your student card. This is only 1850 Ft, and you can travel on all bus lines with this, as many times as you want.
  • Buses number 8, 18, 8E, are coming to Kaposvár University, from the city center, and bus number 23 is coming from th direction of road 67 through the junction of roads 61 and 67.

Using Taxi

In Kaposvár you can find a wide range of taxi companies, and taxi prices. There are some taxis, which take you anywhere in the city for 600 Ft, and to the University, for 880 Ft.
Main taxi phone numbers: Euro Taxi 0620 4244244
teleTaxi 0682 444 444, 0682 488 888

Checklist of things to do before you leave home.

  1. Learning Agreement
  2. Applied and obtained entry clearance/visa (if required) and meet the requirements of immigration control on arrival - keep your letter of invitation in your hand luggage.Know, how to get to Kaposvár University.
  3. Have sufficient money to cover your accomodation and other expenses.
  4. Have access to your money through credit cards, cash, etc.
  5. Are bringing with you (or have the means to obtain after your arrival) all the necessary course materials and personal items (clothing etc.) that you will need during your stay.
  6. Have arranged personal belongings insurance and health cover for your stay, as required.
  7. Have packed your luggage in a safe practical way leaving at hand the things you will need during your trip and on arrival, not disturbing the weight and not overloading your bags, taking care not to pack dangerous/illegal items, etc.
  8. Know when to arrive at Kaposvár University, who to report to and how to get here.

We look forward to welcoming you, please contact us, if you have any questions.


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