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Institutional Erasmus co-ordinator

Zsófia Jász
Institutional Erasmus co-ordinator

Kaposvár University
7400 Kaposvár, Guba S. u. 40 Hungary
Tel: +36 82 505 800/2658

Faculty level coordinators

Please cordinate with the faculty level coordinator of your chosen faculty.

Please refer to the homepage of the faculty, on the left, under Courses menu.

Faculty of Arts

Balázs Sándor:
Faculty - level Erasmus Co-ordinator

Faculty of Economic Science

Bernadett Horváthné Dr. Kovács:
Faculty - level Erasmus Co-ordinator

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Bónai András: bó
Faculty - level Erasmus Co-ordinator

Faculty of Pedagogy

Dr. Peter Gombos:
Faculty - level Erasmus Co-ordinator


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